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Flying Cat Web Design is owned by me, Stephanie Alter. Hi! Let’s start by sharing a bit of my history. I have always been a creative type; Degree: Landscape Design, Diploma:  Travel Consultant and Web Construction, Hobbies: papercrafts, felt designs and sketching. My early years (2000-2007) were spent working for several large corporations as a sales and marketing consultant. I was successful (if I do say so myself) with several President Sales Awards. With such a strong background in sales and marketing, web design was a natural evolution for me. In 2007  I decided to become my own boss. I went back to school do learn web development, social media and video blogging techniques.  I am continually taking new web development classes to keep my skills up to date (who wants an outdated web designer?).  I currently live and work in Montana with my husband and flying cat Harry. Click here to read more about My Process

How many websites are there on the World Wide Web? A lot. However not all of them offer worthwhile content. Content is the key to any successful website. It is a combination of content types and frequent content updates that keep the search engines happy. I will provide you with content ideas and direction to insure a strong and healthy web site.  Here is a graph of estimated websites  dated Sept. 2013 – November 2013.

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Harry the CatIn case you were wondering where the name Flying Cat comes from, meet Harry, my flying cat.

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Thanks a million! — Alan Whitehead, Executive Director Biocultural Conservation Institute

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