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At Flying Cat Web Design I care about your web presence.

I offer professional WordPress website design I am a real live, friendly person offering professional WordPress website design, Social Media Strategies, Video Services and Graphic Design.


A good design starts with understanding your needs. I ask questions to best understand your brand, goals, audience and desired outcome. Flying Cat Web Design will clearly outline any supplementary programming solutions needed in addition to the WordPress CMS.

Some questions I may ask you:

  • Your target audience
  • The primary and secondary goals for the website
  • Current branding characteristics
  • Budget
  • Deadlines
  • We also ask clients what websites they like, don’t like and WHY. It helps to give us a visual idea of what the client likes.


Theme, layout, font type and color palette are just a few of the choices I will discuss in identifying your brand. The design development is a collaborative process. I will be asking for your feedback in order to agree upon the final design of your website.


Once the design has been agreed upon it is put into development. I will design a professional, modern site in WordPress. Additional coding may be needed to reach your desired goals. At Flying Cat Web design I can go beyond the WordPress CMS and add custom coding if needed.

Your web page will require content. At Flying Cat Web Design we prefer that you supply your own written content. If you need help I will be glad to recommend several content writers who can help you get your message across. Remember to use your keywords  These are important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Part of the construction process is user testing. Once the site has been deployed into a staging environment I will test it’s functionally and iron out any bugs before asking you to test it for yourself.


Your site becomes live on the web.


Once your website is complete I hope to continue to help your website grow.  If you are unable to maintain the site, please consider hiring Flying Cat Web Design on a regular or as-needed basis to manage and perform maintenance tasks.


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